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What do we do?

We work with almost every top incorporation service and business formation company to help with web development needs and marketing needs.

We also branch off into business related domains and interests. Basically anything to do with running a business and starting a business.

Many companies do not understand domains and think it would be nuts to buy a domain that someone has owned for 10 years for even $1000. Real world companies view these people as squatters. We do not have a fear of owning domains and paying for them, so we will buy domains and develop them.

If you have domains that revolve around business formation or business in general that you would live to sell or develop, please submit a contact form.

If you have fully developed websites that revolve around business in general, and would like to sell them or figure out how to use them better, please submit a contact form.


If you are an incorporation filing service and are in need of database design, structuring, or web design services we are available to work for you. Our hourly rate is $65 an hour.